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I found this and many other pics from Nad Iksoda that are so tasteful that I really don’t think art should be anything but nude. Bare all. What you see is what you get. That’s a limited perspective, I realize but honestly I’m just really impressed with the way most of the women are portrayed in Nad Iksodas photography.

Massage Is An Art

 It has been said that to build up, you must be broken down first. The best solution for muscle pain is to find comfort in the art of massage. The word “Massage” has been derived from the french laguage. It is nothing but a systematic manipulation of soft tissues of the body.

Today, massages have lost their respectable reputation due to an increase in massage parlors that have cropped up in the past years. A professional massage parlor implies they offer all of the natural healing techniques and is a legitimate way of relaxing and getting rid of minor ailments.

Proper massaging techniques are used to release tension, improve blood circulation, promote relaxation and provide good mental and physical health. Massage is also considered to be the most powerful way for communicating non verbally. A massage session can be very helpful in transferring the healing power from the therapist to the patient. It can take place at home or in a professional setting. Massage can recharge your body and make you feel good.

Chinese Meridians of the bodyThe Chinese were the ones who raised the standards of massage by recognizing that a deep and rhythmic stroke of an area on the body can help in balancing the flow of energy through the meridians of the body. This therapy is used to rejuvenate you. Some similar techniques were applied by the Hindus, Persians and the South Pacific Islander.

In the eighteenth century, a Swedish doctor developed a system that combined regular massage with a therapeutic exercise. It is a form of bodywork and is being taught in most of the massage schools in the Western World.

Massage also promotes positivity in a person by influencing the physiological functions. The movement of therapist’s hand over the skin of the patient excites the sensory receptors of the epidermis and sends stimuli through the nervous system that can affect the muscles, organs and deeper tissues. Massage increases the blood circulation in the body by increasing oxygen and nutrients and also removes the waste matter from the cell.

Massage Promotes Positivity

Massage does not provide the effects of aerobics equally and helps in dispersion of waste deposits of lactic acid that may accumulate in the muscles even after being exerted physically.

Massage cannot provide you same benefits that aerobics or exercising can provide you but it disperses the waste deposits that accumulates in the muscles after being physically exhausted, which produces cramps. It is an excellent therapy that most of the athletes and dancers undergo to prevent pain in their muscles and joints. It helps in improving the strength of our body by contraction of our muscles and toning of weak muscles. It also enhances the condition of skin by making the metabolic rate more speed.

Massage does not only provide you with physical benefits. It also helps you to improve your emotional and psychological balance. It is the most inexpensive antistress therapy available. Your body gets more energized if the massage has been well executed.

Etobicoke Massage TechniquesWhen a chronic pain is released from the body of an individual, he or she feels lighter and relaxed. For performing a good massage, a person has to undergo training to develop necessary skills that is required to be a certifired masseuse. A person only needs to learn some basic strokes and hand movement to be able to give a good massage that will aid in releasing tension and stress from the muscles.

If one has to undergo “do it yourself” treatment, he should take the Swedish Massage. The gliding stroke establishes contact with the skin and stimulates the tactile nerves. The most popular movement for massaging is to apply oil and make long and smooth strokes all over the body. Petrissage is followed after effleurage and it is nothing but a motion by the fingers that drains toxins from the muscles and provides relief from pain and/or cramps.

Another way of removing tension from the muscular tissues is the use of vibrations. The stroke of pulling in a small area between fingers and vibrating helps to loosen your body.

Massage is one of the oldest ways of healing. If you rub your hands together and pat your body, you are doing nothing else but massage. It is a natural way of promoting health in a natural way.

Massage releases all types of waste. When tension is released, it has a balancing Massage Releases Wasteeffect on the nervous system of your body and means that you are at the best state of health. Massage enhances your pattern of sleeping, appetite, balances your hormones, produces more energy, eliminates all kinds of waste and make a person more balanced emotionally and physically.

A good massage practitioner knows how to apply the science behind the art. The massage Etobicoke offers can provide relief from pain, hormonal imbalance, infection, depression and many other ailments that can be cured by using the ancient art form of massage. The best RMT Etobicoke has living in their city is from Northwestern Massage Therapy.

The Age Of Expression

Deviant Art Forms

Deviant Art is nothing but an online community that has been formed to display various forms of artwork made by different users. It was initiated by Scott Jarkoff, Angelo Sotira, Matthew Stephens and many others on 7th August, 2000. It had begun with an initial investment of USD $15,000. Sotira was in charge of all the public aspects of the project while Scott Jarkoff was an engineer who had launched the program at an early phase.

All the co- founders had experience in skinning community but it was idea of Matt Stephens to make a further step and move forward in making an art community. The headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, United States.

The main idea behind Deviant Art was to provide a common platform to all the artists to exhibit and discuss work. There are many categories of work like photography, traditional art, filmmaking, operating system, digital art and many others.Deviant Art

The site also provides all its users with resources like videos on stock photography and many other tutorials. Some other additional resources included are journals, polls, groups and portfolios.

The official mascot of the Deviant Art is a small robotic character that is called “Fella”. The site has about 25 million users and it receives about 1, 40,000 applications every day. According to a report, 1.4 million users submit in the favourites section and 1.5 million users comment on daily basis. It is the 13th most used social networking site with about 3.8 million weekly visits.

Deviant Art is a site that is used to connect different people and it uses different computer applications and modifies them in such a way so that it can meet the taste of people or deviate the applications from the designs that were original.snowman_by_gloom82-d5o6gtb

With the growth of the site, the members came to be known as deviants and whatever they submitted was called deviations. They formed a bigger network of all the musical websites and called it Dmusic Network. This site is very unique and contributes greatly in becoming a core member base and developing a volunteer’s team after eight months of its official launch. Deviant Art was inspired by some of the skin – based projects like Winamp facelift,,, screenphuck and skinz.

Many individuals who had developed and promoted Deviant Art in its initial phase are still in the project in different positions. Angelo Sotira is the Chief Executive Officer of the Deviant Arts. They use different strategies of monetization before having an inflow of cash. The Deviant Art gives an opportunity to all the users to work under the Creative Commons License by giving the artists free reign on what art they have chosen to alter. A creative commons license has a public copyright license and it allows distribution of copyright work.

On 30vocaloid_unit_01__ascension_miku_by_eddy_shinjuku-d63sbcath September, 2007, Deviant Art added film category to enable all the artists to upload videos. You can also add various annotations to this section by giving more comments and critiques to the artist. The Deviant Art received a lump some amount of $3.5 million in the Series A and $10 million in the Series B. There were many controversies revolving the logo of the site when it was announced in both the iOS and Android platform. Deviant Art believes in elevating the position of the artists. It is a free evaluation application.

The artists can even leave their small picture as a comment to some post by using the Deviant Art Muro option. It helps you to save their work from deviating. The other option that draws the attention of artists is “Redraw”. This option is used to record the drawings of the users and posting it as a film for the other artists. All the individual deviations are displayed in the own pages of individuals. The deviations should be more organized so that it can be put in various categories and make the search engine of Deviant Art easy to find images of all the topics that are similar.

Individual users can put all their deviations in a folder and organize their personal page in a structured manner. The member’s profile can be viewed as a personal blog and can be helpful to spread awareness on different topics for a social cause.


A member can also add another member in their watch list to check whatever he or she uploads in the site. There is also a message centre that allows comment on the member’s deviations. This makes things more interesting for all users as well as boosts social value. Another social aspect is the feature where members can pick their favourites.

If a member wants to talk to another member privately, he or she can send notes to individual members. The notes feature functions the same way email does.

Deviant Art also provides some other platforms like forums and chat rooms for an open discussion with all the members of the site for a more structured and lengthy discussion on any topic.


Nad Iksodas

The Biography of Nad Iksodas

Nad IksodasNad Iksodas worked very hard to pursue his career. He was an academic as well as a very skillful person in various creative activities. He started a family at a very young age and lived many blessed moments where he was fortunate to have life victories. He faced his defeats with a very positive attitude.

As a young man he perceived the world to be very black and white. His life experiences were such that made him realize that the world was made with shades of grey and within these shades lay much beauty and art.

He longed to discover the true beauty of nature. Everything about natural beauty amazed him. It has always added meaning to the art creates. He reveled to see the way rays of light fell across the female form. He wanted people to witness the beauty in shape and the way the light works with the objects it falls on.

He emphasized the way the model expresses herself during her shoots. According to him, whenever anything happens that melts your soul just by seeing it, you should share the moment with the world. In this way, others can also enjoy the very same thing that you have enjoyed.

He considered his biggest endeavor to be more or less in sync with the model where they are on the same page with what they are trying to accomplish. The model shared a professional relationship with him, as she was his partner in the creative process. His respect for models was sincere and from the heart. Nad felt fortunate to work with some of the world’s most talented models.

According to him, it really didn’t matter if the model was barely covered, fully clothed or completely nude. He believed the quality of self-confidence was the most important factor and shining quality in the shot. He thought it was partly his belief in the models and their desire to work that made them confident human beings.

Nad Iksodas was a very imaginative person and he could make up his own story when viewing from the other his of the camera. He summarized further that the willingness to participate in his work demonstrated the models admiration, gratitude and respect for him.

LelaNad has expressed his gratitude to be talented enough to see the beauty of a moment captured by his camera. In a sense, things that had happened in the past remained the present for him. He had looked through his camera in hopes of catching a glimpse of anything that made his soul move.

By going through his photography, it is easy to spot his fascination and love for women. His passion or the female body is undying. Many of his photos are black and white, which many people have criticized him for. However, he never paid much attention to it and continued to follow his heart and passion for photography.

Nad determined all of the poses the models would engage in. In some of his photos, you can see models with hats, some with pianos, some sitting chairs, some with umbrellas, some with ornaments, some on beaches, some with cigars and many other interesting props.

Most of his models were either barely clothed or were fully naked. Nad Ikosdas just loved to capture moments in different ways. He said that having models clothes on or off really didn’t matter to him as he saw beauty in almost all the moments he captured.  Most of the photos clicked by him showed all the private parts of the women in the photos and Nad Ikosodas was criticized a lot for this.

Nad Iksodas Mag picThe most unique thing about his photography is that he only featured women. He would never do photo shoots with men. Due to his nude photos, he was called a vulgar photographer. He was looked down upon by society but he didn’t pay attention to these things and continued with photography. He said that capturing a photo of woman in her most natural form was no crime. The nude body is intensified beauty and it depends on the person viewing and that they will see what they want to see.

Nad Iksodas world revolved around photography and his love for photography was largely due to the models he worked with. He made sure that any given pose by one model would not match with the other. He wanted to deliver a different image and meaning every time.

He admired the confidence that the models exuded since it is not an easy task to be able to emanate a particular feeling or meaning that can be caught and spotted by the masses. As a result, all of his photos have become unique and unmatchable. Nad Ikosodas knew how to capture each and every moment in a very skillful way and has proved to be one of the greatest photographers of our time.

The following video depict some other artists renditions of nude art. Enjoy!